[31 Tage – 31 Bücher] Tag 1: Welches Buch liest Du gerade?

Derzeit lese ich A Noble Killing von Barbara Nadel aus der von mir geliebten Inspector Çetin İkmen Reihe.

In A Noble Killing geht es um die Aufklärung eines offensichtlichen Ehrenmordes, der in Istanbul begangen wurde. Ich hab ein gutes Viertel geschafft und bin mal wieder (wie von den Bänden 1-12 auch) begeistert.

In Turkey, the police are called to the scene of what seems to be the honor killing of a young girl. Burned alive, she is not the first girl to suffer such an horrific death in Istanbul. Further investigations by Inspectors Cetin Ikmen and Mehmet Suleyman reveal that the girl had a secret boyfriend who has now disappeared. He and the girl’s family are prime suspects, even though forensic evidence is scant. Why does the family, in common with other families of girls immolated in the city, now appear to be broke? There are also links to an infamous local gangster. Religion, organized crime, and the lengths some people will go to in order to conform, come together in a tragic story of violence in a divided and changing society.

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