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As requested by so many readers, I continue my blog category The bag that I

Today: … must have (one day) and the one I wouldn’t even spend a penny on.


(c) Gucci
(c) Gucci

The Soho shoulder bag by Gucci. Such a beauty! Made of black leather with light gold hardware and a natural cotton linen lining. I love the double G (I know, it’s kind of showing off) and protective metal feet. But well, EUR 1,450 is a bit tooo much 😦

The one I wouldn’t spend a penny on:

(c) mytheresa.com
(c) mytheresa.com

The CHAMELEON SNAKESKIN TOTE by Fendi. I really cannot tell what’s more disgusting to me: the gold HW in addition to the pink straps? The entire quite cheap looking bag? What I like to most, is its interior that unfortunately no one sees when you carry it around. And yes, the price completes it all: EUR 2,600. I guess this needs no more words.

4 Gedanken zu “[Bags & Purses] [Fashion] [Lifestyle] The bag that I …

  1. GOSH! 2,600 € for this bag looking as if a colorblind designer without any sense of taste had made it?

    I also think, that the 1,450 for the Gucci are way to much for a „simple“ leather purse, but she is definitely more worth it than the Fendi!

    Have a nice day!

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