[Fashion] [Bags] [Purses] I’m back!

Hey folks,

as most of you may have already know, pursesaddict.de does no longer exist. The provider had some sort of insolvency problems so they seemed not to have paid their rent which led to that all blog posts are lost :(((. Fortunately they let me know that I had to move last week so I could most of you inform you, but the data is still lost… Anyway, thank you all so much for you emails and messages on FB!

Well, to cut a long story short: I have decided not to start a brand new blog but to introduce the purse-lifestyle-fashion part into my already since 2010 existing blog.

The only difference to the other blog posts will be that I will be doing them in English as some of you do not understand German and GoogleTranslate isn’t always that correct. I hope you guys stay tuned – I am quite looking forward to your comments!

See ya soon!

14 Gedanken zu “[Fashion] [Bags] [Purses] I’m back!

  1. Hey dear!

    Very glad 2 cU here again! Great rubbish with the old blog but seemed to be time for new start!

    Looking forward to new posts!

    Greets from the UK

    1. Hey Charlee,

      how are things in the UK? Rubbish is the right word 😦 but will keep going on!

      Thanks for commenting and staying tuned!

  2. Hi Cleo,
    such a crap with your blog but as we say it here in London: Smiling May comes in to play, making all things fresh!

    Best of luck with the new blog

  3. Salut chérie,

    bienvenu ché WordPress. J’adore ce blog déjà et jte souhaite ke le mieux ici!

    Gros bises de Nice

  4. Hey Cle,

    good 2 have U back – what a s*** with the old prov., is there no chance getting the posts back? tried to google but found NOTHING 😦

    Well, hope 2 read more from you.

    Big Kisses from Napoli

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